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Wikipedia Two-wheel Tractor – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Even zero till/no-till planters and seeders have become available. In plant protection two-wheel tractor attachments consist of various inter-cultivators and sprayers. For harvesting mowers, reaper/grain harvesters, reaper-binders, and even combine harvesters are available for them. … Read Article

YouTube Land Pride All Purpose Seeders – YouTube
5:16 Yanmar Hand Rotary Tractor VS Hand Plow Tractor by MrZygy3 Featured 2,302 2:11 Till 'N Seed by BFEInternet 10,184 views 1:44 Land Pride Primary Seeders by LandPrideImplements 1,660 views 2:37 00HD Heavy Duty Series Drill by greatplainsmfg 15,810 views … View Video

Wikipedia Alfalfa – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
When using farm equipment rather than hand-harvesting, a swather cuts the alfalfa and arranges it in windrows In areas where the alfalfa does not immediately dry out on its own, a machine known as a mower-conditioner is used to cut the hay. The … Read Article

Wikipedia Agricultural Machinery – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Instead of harvesting grain by hand with a sharp blade, and seeders lay down long rows of plastic, and plant through them automatically. After planting, other implements can be used to cultivate weeds from between rows, or to spread fertilizer and pesticides. … Read Article

About Fertilizer Spreaders – Review Of Drop-Type Grass Seed Spreader
Fertilizer spreaders on wheels fall into 2 categories: broadcast and drop-type grass seed spreaders. Learn the difference (and more) here. … Read Article

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